Information Exchange Workshops

Part II


Impact of Tsunami on Groundwater, Soils and Vegetation in Coastal Regions of Sri Lanka




22 September 2005






Auditorium, Industrial Technology Institute


363, Bauddhaloka Mawatha,

Colombo 07



Sponsored by


United States National Science Foundation (USNSF)

National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka (NSF)

Soil Science Society of Sri Lanka









09:30 am


Welcome Address

Prof. Sirimali Fernando, Chairperson-NSF, SL

Prof. Ananda Gunatilaka NSF, SL




Project Background, Goals and Planned Outcomes

Prof. Tissa Illangasekare, CSM, USA

Dr. Jayantha Obeysekera, SFWMD,USA


10:00 am


Prof. David Hyndman, MSU. USA

The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami: A Prospective from Natual Hazards to Water Resources


10:30 am


Dr. A. M. Mubarek ITI, SL

Water quality monitoring and Laboratory facilities in Sri Lanka

11:00 am






R.S.C George NWSDB, SL

Impact on drinking water supply & sanitation facilities and rebuilding of the water & sanitation infrastructure affected by the Tsunami tidal waves




Prof. Jagath Kaluarachchi USU, USA

Risk based decision making, Water Resources Management in coastal regions






1:30 pm


Dr. Nalin Wickramanayake, OU, SL

Coastal Groundwater, Water Supply and Sanitation: A Vicious Cycle?

2:00 pm


Dr. Kevin Cunningham, USGS, USA

Hydrogeologic, borehole and surface geophysical methods applied to aquifer characterization and water-supply recovery: post-tsunami coastal aquifers, Sri Lanka


2:30 pm




2:45 pm


Prof. Prabhakar Clement, Auburn U.,USA

Understanding the Dynamics of Contaminant Transport near a Salt Wedge using Field/ Laboratory Observations and Computer Simulations


3:15 pm


Prof. Karsten H. Jensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Hydrological characterization of the unsaturated zone using cross-borehole radar and resistivity imaging


3:45 pm


Summary of findings, future needs and options for future projects

Facilitators: Prof. Tissa Illangasekare,CSM, USA

Dr. Jayantha Obeysekera, SFWMD, USA

Dr. Karen Villhoth, IWMI, SL


5:00 pm


Prof Ananda Gunatilaka, Prof. Tissa Illangasekare, Concluding Remarks and note of thanks